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Get information you can’t find in books, sites, or visits.

With CollegeChats, you talk directly to a young alumni, who went to your dream school or is pursing your dream career – sometimes both!

You’ll get honest advice based on experience.

There are a few guidance questions but other than that – it’s all your questions. 

You will: 

Learn about a school’s culture

Popular questions:

Is it easy to make friends there?

What is the social scene like?

What kind of people are there?

How are the classes?

How would you describe the students?

How are the clubs or activities?

How much support does the school offer?

Get major information 

Popular questions:

How should I be preparing now?  

How are the classes or professors for this major?

Did they actually help your career? 

Get inside information about a place

Popular questions:

Is it easy to get settled even if I don’t have family nearby?

How helpful is the school providing transportation?

Is it expensive? How much should I budget for an average lunch or dinner?

Will I need a bike or car? 

Are there a lot of (insert your country) restaurants nearby? What about groceries?

Get practical career or industry advice

Popular questions:

How would you recommend I get started in your field?

What’s your day to day like?

Can you take look at my resume and tell me how to improve it?

Do my grades matter?

What should I be doing now? 

Be able to ask questions unique to international students

Do you plan to go home in the future? Is that a good idea? (If still in U.S.)

How was your adjustment moving back home? (If moved back home)

How should I think about, or plan to come home after school?

Ask whatever questions YOU have!

We feature different alumni and current students, so there’s someone for everyone to talk to!

CollegeChats have very limited space, so schedule yours now. 

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Connect with a young alumni international student that either (or both!) went to the school you want to go to, or has your dream career.

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